The farm lies 4 miles North West of the small village of Kirkcolm. The name means ‘Church (Kirk) of St Columba (Colm)’. The village has been in existence since the 1780s but there is evidence of Viking and Scandinavian occupancy. The Parish of Kirkcolm was noted to have the best black Galloway cattle in The Rhins.

The ruins of 15th century Corsewall Castle lies in one of our fields. It was owned by Alexander Campbell who’s brother Andrew was Sheriff of Ayr.  The name Corsewall came from ‘Cor-siale’ which means ‘the round hill of the brine’. The castle which rose to three storeys stood on a mound behind the hill for shelter and was surrounded by a ditch. The vaulted basement served as a cattle fort and a spiralling staircase led to the upper floors. It was deemed ‘a considerable house, but now wholly ruinous’ as far back as 1684. A 7 foot long cannon, gold and silver coins and a ring were discovered in the second half of the 18th century.

Drangan World War 2 radio station was situated on the head land of Corsewall Castle Farm.The shell of the building still stands. The station formed part of the RAF communication system.

Corsewall Lighthouse, built in 1815 by Robert Stevenson, engineer father of Robert Louis Stevenson, is an A listed building of major national importance. Still a working lighthouse, it now also serves as a hotel and restaurant. The Iron Age Fort of Dunskirkloch is found nearby.

Corsewall Castle Farm

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